PB & Jサンドイッチ(PB&J Sandwitches)

日常のこと (Events On Ordinary Days)

PB&J (ピーナツバター&ジェリー)サンドイッチです。 何のことはない、食パンにピーナツバターとジャムを塗っただけの軽食です。
これにアメリカを強く感じます。 日本のおにぎりと同様、かの国の子供たちはこのサンドイッチを食べて育つといいます。大人になるとチーズサンド+ビールになるようですね。
PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) sandwiches. It’s nothing more than a light meal of peanut butter and jam on bread.
This is what I feel strongly about America. Like rice balls in Japan, children in this country are said to grow up eating this sandwich. When they grow up, they seem to eat cheese sandwiches and beer.
Adding banana or apple slices to this sandwich will be good to taste.

Recipe of PB&J sandwiches is found in cookbooks of late 1800s, and it is said that the sandwiches were were also included in the rations of the U.S. military during World War II.

I don’t know what kind of jam they eat in the U.S., but in Japan Aohata’s jam looks good to eat.
As for the peanut butter, I guess Skippy would be the original choice, but it has sugar in it, and combining the sugar in the jam with the sugar in the bread can be a bit of a problem for my health, so I use unsweetened peanut butter from Chiba Prefecture.

The bread is locally made “Kamome bread”.
I like this Skippy bottle which creates atmosphere of real America, but it’s also full of sugar, so don’t try it.

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