MLB マスク (MLB Mask)

モノ (Goods)

MLBの選手がつけているのと同じようなマスクはないかと探してみたところ、MLB Shop で売られていたので、2枚購入してみました。(
販売価格は2,000円くらいなのですが、輸送費がかかるので1枚あたり4,000円くらいになります。日本のMLB Shopで買ってもやはり4,000円のようです。 マスク2枚に8,000円とはちょっと高すぎました。。。
I looked for a mask similar to the ones worn by Major League Baseball players and found one for sale at the MLB Shop, so I bought two of them. (
These are the type to pull up and down to unfold (elastic type).
There are only a few players who actually wear this type, and many of them seem to be wearing so-called face covers.
These are the Houston Astros’ and the Baltimore Orioles’. I like the Astros, but I chose the Orioles one just because of its color and design. I’m not particularly an Orioles fan.
The selling price is about 2,000 yen, but it costs about 4,000 yen per piece because of the shipping cost. Even in case of buying them at the MLB Shop in Japan, the price is the same 4,000 yen. 8,000 yen for two masks is too expensive….

ヒューストン・アストロズ(Houston Astros)
ボルチモア・オリオールズ(Baltimore Orioles)


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