CB1100: 三浦半島周遊 (Touring Miura Peninsula on CB1100)

乗り物 (Car, Motorcycle and Bicycle)

横浜横須賀道路 逗子インターから134号線をたどり、再度横浜横須賀道路 衣笠インターから帰る行程でした。

Parking at the seaside.

It was so good weather and temperature on Saturday, it was very nice opportunity to ride motorcycle.
So I toured around Miura Peninsula – getting off Yokohama-Yokosuka highway at Zushi, ran along route 134 and getting on the same highway at Kinugasa.
Please enjoy photos!

Great Scene!
Parking at the seaside.
On route 134, going through cabbage field.
Mt. Fuji can be seen in the distance.
Blue, green and bike.
On route 134, going through cabbage field.
Chiba Pref can be seen beyond the sea.

Place I took photos 1 – at seaside

Place I took photos 2 – in the middle of cabbage field

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